To process the termination of an employee in Pulley, navigate to the stakeholder and select "Manage Stakeholder" in the top right and choose "Terminate Stakeholder"

11 February, 2021 3:35:41 pm - Screenshot

Next, fill in the following form. The Vesting Stop Date will typically be the same date as the Termination Date.

11 February, 2021 3:38:55 pm - Screenshot

Then, enter in the final day that an employe may exercise their options and/or the final day that your company may repurchase the employee's RSAs. If there are no options available to exercise or RSAs available to repurchase, the field will be marked "N/A".

23 February, 2021 11:34:41 am - Screenshot

On the final screen, you may review the employee's securities and have the option of sending an email from Pulley that provides instructions to a terminated employee on how to change their email and exercise their options on Pulley.

11 February, 2021 3:43:24 pm - Screenshot

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