Getting started on Pulley is easy.

Creating company

1. Create an account on Pulley - Pulley is currently invitation only. Please request an invite at

2. Add a company from the top drop down - The dropdown will show all the companies managed by your law firm.

3. Enter the company name and incorporation date

4. Click "Finish and Go to Dashboard" to view the company's empty dashboard

5. You are almost finished! Your company is now created. Follow the steps below to add securities, equity plans, SAFEs, and more.

Adding Securities

There are two ways to onboard: adding securities individually or using the batch upload.

  • Upload via a spreadsheet - You can download a spreadsheet template, add in the data, and upload the template to add securities. Learn how to use the batch upload feature. This is the faster option if there are more than 10 stakeholders.

  • Add securities individually - You can add equity plans, share classes, options, RSAs, shares, and SAFEs individually on Pulley. View this section on how to enter in how to enter in securities. This is the faster option if you have fewer than 10 stakeholders when onboarding.

Adding Admins

1. Company profile - You can add other lawyers and company admins to help maintain the company cap table. View these steps on adding admins.

Need support? We are excited to have you on Pulley! If you have any questions when onboarding, please reach out to

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