Drafts allow you to create and review shares, options, RSAs, SAFEs, and convertible notes before they are sent to stakeholders.

Select Contracts in the left hand navigation bar. This is where drafts are stored, and one of the ways you can add new ones:

Select +New to e-sign new securities, or Record Signed Contracts for securities signed outside of Pulley.

In both cases, you'll be prompted to select a security type:

Fill out the information:

For adding securities in bulk, you can switch to the Spreadsheet mode:

Select Save & Continue to save your drafts.

After saving the security (or securities), it will direct you back to the Contracts page:

  • Section 1: Allows you to toggle between securities that require granting documents that need to be e-signed by the stakeholder by selecting the Yes, I want to e-sign new contracts button or view the grants that have been signed outside of Pulley and need to record the securities in Pulley by selecting No, I want to record existing signed grants.

  • Section 2: View the tabs of the different securities you will be granting/recording, you are able to edit or delete the securities in this section. Select the box on the left of the security when ready to add them to the cap table.

  • Section 3 for New Contracts: Will allow you to preview the populated document before sending it to the stakeholder.

  • Section 3 for Existing Contracts / Section 4 for New Contracts: Will allow you to trigger stakeholder notifications for Existing Contracts when Adding to the Cap Table (notifications are not sent by default).

    Or when adding New Contracts, it will be the final step to Collect Signatures

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