Step one: Select “Options” from the “Add New” subsection in the left navigation.

Step two: Select "Batch Upload Options / RSAs"

Step three: Select "Download template" to get an excel template.

Step four: Complete the downloaded spreadsheet. The downloaded spreadsheet includes four tabs:

  1. Stakeholder - Add any new stakeholders who will be receiving option grants in this tab. If you are granting options to stakeholders who are alreadyon the cap table in Pulley, you do not need to add them to the stakeholder tab.

  2. Share Classes - Existing share classes will be shown in this tab. You can add any new share classes to this tab as well.

  3. Equity Plans - Existing equity plans are show in this tab. You can add any new equity plans to this tab as well.

  4. Options & RSAs - Add all new options and RSA holders to this tab. For stakeholders who are already on the cap table, you only need to enter the stakeholder name. Pulley will match the stakeholder by name and add the options to the same stakeholder. The name must be identical. If the stakeholder does not exist, Pulley will create a new stakeholder and assign them options.

Step five: Click the Batch Upload Options button and upload the completed spreadsheet.

Contact us at if you have any questions using this feature.

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