To issue a digital certificate, complete the steps below:

1. Add company signatories in the company profile (company > profile). When a digital certificate is created, Pulley sends a request to each company signatory to sign the certificate. Company signatories must be admins of the company.

2. Add a legend under templates (templates > legends). Legends will appear on the back of the certificate preview.

3. Create a share class for certificated shares by enabling the “Certificated Shares” toggle. You must add signatories before creating a certificated share class.

4. Issue a certificated share and enter the certificate ID.

5. Sign certificates. After the certificate is issued, each company signatory will receive a request to sign the certificate in tasks.

6. Shareholders can accept the certificate - Shareholders will receive an email and task to accept their certificate. A preview of the certificate is visible for both admins and shareholders.

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