We need the following materials to export you from Carta to Pulley:

1. Exports

  • Cap table (can access by going Capitalization → Cap table)

  • Vesting Details (can access by going Capitalization → Vesting Details)

  • Equity Plan export (can access by going Capitalization → Equity plan report)

  • Stakeholder contact spreadsheet ( can access by going Capitaization → Stakeholder contact spreadsheet)

2. Screenshots

Screenshots of anything you have under Securities → Templates (see below). Screenshot what you see when toggling between Document Sets, legends, etc.

3. Documents

Download any documents you want to migrate over to Pulley from Carta.

Where do I upload all of this?

Exports + Screenshots → Upload to the "Cap table from Carta" section of your dashboard.

Documents → If they're in a zip, feel free to upload the zip to the section labelled "Certificate(s) of Incorporation". Otherwise if they're separated out, upload them to the corresponding section of your dashboard.

Downloading your Cap Table on Carta

Step one:

Navigate to Capitalization > Reporting

Step two:

Select “Cap table” in the list of reports:

Step three:

Select “summary”, “detailed”, and “securities ledgers by type and class” boxes:

Step four:

Share the downloaded excel with your Pulley contact.

For an overview on how Pulley stacks up against Carta, see our comparison page.

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