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Clerky integration

Clerky Integration - update your cap table in seconds

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If you are onboarding for the first time onto Pulley:

  1. Add as a collaborator to the account.

    1. Navigate to your Clerky account.

    2. Click Teams in the main navigation at the top of the page.

    3. Select the company onboarding to Pulley.

    4. Click Add Collaborator on the Collaborators page.

    5. Enter as a collaborator with Read Only access

    6. Click Add Collaborator.

  2. Once invited, the Pulley onboarding team will accept the invite and begin onboarding the company.

Follow these steps below to get your Pulley account synced with Clerky:

  1. Log-in to your Pulley account → Go to Company tab (left side navigation bar).

  2. Click Link Your Clerky Account to redirect you to

  3. Log-in to your Clerky account if you weren't logged in already.

  4. Once logged-in, Clerky will redirect you back to Pulley. Select the company you wish to sync and hit Enable Sync.

Done! Whenever you issue from Clerky, the new security will be located in the Drafts section.

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