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What type of Reports are available on Pulley?
What type of Reports are available on Pulley?

Explanation of reports available

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  • Locating the report page by selecting on the left nav bar Company β†’ Reports

(See screenshot of the most up to date reports available on Pulley - 5/22/23)

  • View brief description of each report and the purpose of the excel reports Pulley provides

Detailed Cap Table

Download an excel export of the companies cap table.


Export of all stakeholder information provided.

Stock Based Compensation

Provides a summary of stock based compensation based on ASC 718.

Stakeholder Transaction Report

Download specific transactions a single stakeholder has done with the company.

Waterfall Model

Allows you to map out hypothetical situations. (Article explaining waterwall inputs)

Termination Modeling

Allows you to map out what the equity of a stakeholder would look at that desired date of termination.

Exercised Options

A list of all exercised options that have occurred in the company.

ISO/NSO Details

Summary overview of the value details for the listed option grants

Vesting Details

Generate a list of the vesting schedules to a specific date of the entire company or 1 specific stakeholder

Implied Ownership Report

List of stakeholder ownership and implied ownership

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