Issuing option grants electronically allows you to grant options to employees entirely on Pulley instead of having them sign documents offline.

There are two requirements to issue options electronically:

  1. The Company has selected an "Options Signatory"

  2. Draft options have a "Form Document" selected

1. Set an Options Signatory

First, to set an options signatory, navigate to Company in the left navigation bar.

Next, select Add Signatory and enter the name and email for the signatory.

Then, under Type, choose Options. This person will receive an email from Pulley to accept as a signatory. They will then receive an email to sign for new option grants that are issued on the Pulley platform.

2. Upload the Form Documents

To upload form documents, navigate to Company > Form Documents in the left navigation var

Next, upload standard documents like "Option Grants - Standard Exercise" or "Option Grants - Early Exercise" and attach them to the new grants. You can then sign them directly on Pulley.

Finally, when drafting options, select the appropriate form in the "Form Documents" selection.

10 March, 2021 7:17:53 pm - Screenshot

3. Send securities for signing

All newly created options will appear in Drafts. Select "New securities" to issue options electronically.

Once you select "Collect Signatures, you will be shown the steps required to complete your option issuance.

When you select "Issue Options" on the below screen, the Options Signatory will receive an email to sign and review the options.

Then, the stakeholder will receive an email to view the grant and sign as well.

After that, the transaction is complete and your cap table will be updated.

10 March, 2021 7:19:53 pm - Screenshot

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