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E-signing on Pulley
Introduction to e-signing on Pulley
How to format a document into a Pulley template
How to format a document into a Pulley template

Setting up your custom templates

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  1. Open your document in your preferred text editor (Microsoft Word recommended).

    1. If you're not using Microsoft Word: remember to export your template as a .docx file.

      1. For Google Docs: File → Download → Microsoft Word (.docx)

  2. Reference the Template Fields page and replace any text with the fields you'd like Pulley to automatically fill out.

    example: For the stakeholder's name to appear somewhere in the document, insert {{stakeholder_name}} where you'd like the value to show up.

ℹ️ Tip: Copy/paste directly to avoid errors

  1. Copy paste the field names directly from the table to avoid errors.

  2. Don't leave any spaces in between the braces and the text in the field name, or else the value may not fill properly.

    1. {{ stakeholder_name }} will not work

    2. {{stakeholder_name}} will work

ℹ️ Tip: The font styling you set in your .docx matters!

The styling of the {{field_name}} in the template will persist when Pulley fills out the fields. For signatures, make sure to style them in a "cursive" font (e.g. Homemade Apple) and change the font size so it looks like a signature:

Template Fields

🔧 Troubleshooting

  • Contact us via Intercom or at if you have any issues setting up your templates!

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