Getting Started

Learn the Pulley basics, e.g. adding admins, viewing the cap table.

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E-signing on Pulley

Learn how to issue documents for signing straight on Pulley

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Recording Securities

Adding Shares, Equity Plans, Options, RSAs, SAFEs, and more

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Cap Table Flows

Learn how to do common cap table flows like repurchases, transfers, and more.

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Token Cap Tables

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Learn how to add others to Pulley.

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Vesting, Acceleration and Legends

Creating vesting schedules, standardized options, Legends, and more

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409A Valuations

Issuing stock options? You'll need a 409A valuation and can get one on Pulley.

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Fundraising & Modeling

Modelling an upcoming fundraise, understanding your dilution, and more

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Cap Table Tools

Tools to help you manage your equity.

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Account & Billing

Adding admins, co-founders, changing account information, and more

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Stay in compliance as you grow your company - Rule 701, Form 3921 and more

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Commonly asked questions from the Pulley community

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Useful articles on cap tables and equity.

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