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How do I edit or update my form documents?

Learn how to fix or adjust your templates.

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Follow the steps below to update your form documents:

  1. After logging onto the platform, on the left navigation bar under Essentials β†’ Company β†’ Template.

  2. To initiate the creation of a new template bundle, start by selecting the specific security type for which you'd like to establish a template bundle. Navigate to the designated section and select on + Add Template.

  3. Provide a distinctive name for your template bundle to easily identify and manage it in the future.

  4. Upload multiple templates within a single bundle. Simply by selecting Upload Templates.

    • πŸ’‘ You can include various templates such as an Option Agreement Template and an Equity Plan Template within the Options template bundle.

  5. To Preview your template, you can view either the blank template or a filled version with Sample Data. If needed, edit the example data fields to suit your requirements.

  6. Select Save to store your template bundle. This temple bundle will now be available for issuing securities.

Follow the steps below to edit your existing form documents:

  1. Select on the name of the template bundle.

  2. To edit a template within the bundle, first, remove the existing template by selecting Delete. Create the new template locally, then select Add to upload the updated version.

  3. Hover over the version number and select See Past Versions to access historical versions of the template bundle.

  4. Select Create Version to save edits. This new version becomes available for issuing securities. If securities have been previously issued with this template bundle, decide whether to apply the updated template to the issued securities or keep them unchanged.

    • πŸ’‘ Note that stakeholders won't need to re-sign documents but can view different versions through the stakeholder portal.

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πŸ”§ Troubleshooting

  • Contact us via Intercom or at if you have any issues setting up your templates!

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