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How does Pulley help me maintain my cap table?
How does Pulley help me maintain my cap table?
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Maintaining a cap is more than just recording the number of shares given to an investor or employee. Ownership across the company constantly changes as employees are hired and fired, and fundraising rounds are raised.

Pulley helps you track all these equity related changes by providing companies with:  

  • Reliable record keeping - Pulley provides a single source of truth to maintain your company’s records. We help you track all the shares, options, SAFEs, and fundraising documents within your company. 

  • Views for investors & employees - Provide investors & employees a place to view their shares and ownership. 

  • Manage employees - Streamline how you manage employee equity with tools to handle custom vesting schedules, accelerated vesting, termination, and options exercising. 

  • Scenario modeling - Model the impacts of fundraising on your ownership. 

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