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What documents are needed for onboarding?
What documents are needed for onboarding?
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Upload the following to create your cap table:

  • Current cap table - Upload your current cap table if you are migrating from another cap table provider or have already created a cap table with your law firm.

  • Certificate of Incorporation - Lists the number of authorized shares within your company.

  • Equity Plan and Equity Grants - Employee and advisor options issued from the equity plan. This document is often called the "NOTICE OF STOCK OPTION GRANT".

  • Form documents/templates - Templates used for issuing option grants or restricted stock awards.

  • Founder share agreements - Founder and advisor shares. This document is often called the "NOTICE OF STOCK ISSUANCE."

  • SAFEs and convertible notes - Investor documents for seed stage financing.

  • Stakeholder email list - No emails are sent during onboarding. Optionally after your cap table is finalized, Pulley can send a notice to your stakeholders to accept their certificates. This way, all your employees and investors can view their holdings once invited onto the platform.

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