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How do I record a previously signed share?
How do I record a previously signed share?

Record shares already issued to founders, investors, and early employees on Pulley.

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This article is relevant to you if:

  • You want to record shares that have already been signed off of Pulley.

  • You want to record shares that do not come from any stock plan.

  1. Hit +NewExisting Contract.

2. Select Shares.

3. Fill out the details using the Form or Spreadsheet mode → Save & Continue. The security will then appear in your Drafts.

Some things to make sure of when you are filling in those details:

  • That the Certificate prefix you fill in matches the prefix for the share class;

  • That the par value for the corresponding share class is added to each security;

  • Add in the price/ share if you have that information

If relevant, add in the following also:

  • Vesting;

  • Acceleration;

  • Legends.

ℹ️ Tip: If you have the share agreements, you can upload your shares on Pulley in seconds via our PDF scanner. Be aware that this feature is still in beta.

4. After reviewing, hit Add to Cap Table.

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