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How are 409A valuations done on Pulley?
How are 409A valuations done on Pulley?
Learn about our 409A valuation partner
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Pulley works with 409A valuation experts to build a defensible report for your startup. Our partnership with Aranca offers Pulley users affordable valuations without leaving the platform.

Aranca is a PE-backed valuation and research firm with a team of 500+ business, technology, and financial experts. It is one of the market leaders in 409A valuations and, since 2006, have a track record of 7,500 valuations for companies ranging from start-ups to IPO stage firms, including many unicorns. They are go-to valuation partner for leading VCs, private equity firms and law firms and provide USPAP compliant, audit-ready appraisal reports with free lifetime audit support.

Once you request your 409A valuation on Pulley and submit the required information, an Aranca representative will reach out to coordinate your valuation. Within 5 business days, you will receive an initial draft of your 409A valuation and will have an opportunity to provide feedback.

Click here to learn more about Aranca's 409A valuation services.

Why we chose Aranca as our preferred partner

When evaluating a 409A valuation provider, we mainly looked for these areas:

  • Defensibility against the IRS and Big 4 auditors - This is the number one concern and will be a focus when your company undergoes a diligence process. Aranca has had a 100% success rate on their valuations from top auditors and the IRS. They have significant experience with later stage private companies all the way through IPO as well, including in supporting leading private equity firms like Thoma Bravo and Warburg.

  • Ability to incorporate feedback - If you have questions or clarifications on the appraisal, Aranca will iterate on the report to make sure everyone is comfortable with the assumptions in their model. This is something that not all 409A appraisers are willing to do. In many cases, valuation firms will deliver a report as their "independent assessment" and let you face the consequences of the valuation.

  • Speed & cost - Aranca's services are free with your Pulley subscription and are completed within a few days.

Click here to see a sample report from Aranca.

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