Terminating an employee

How stakeholder termination works in Pulley

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How do I terminate an employee?

  1. Navigate to Stakeholders → the stakeholder. Under Actions click Terminate Stakeholder.

  2. Follow the form's instructions and fill in the required information:

    1. Enter Termination Details

      1. The Vesting Stop Date will typically be the same date as the stakeholder's Termination Date.

    2. Enter the stakeholder's last date to exercise Options

      1. The final day that the employee may exercise their options. If there are no options available to exercise, the field will be marked "N/A".

    3. Enter your company's last date to repurchase RSAs.

      1. The final day that the company may repurchase, or buy back, RSAs. options. If there are no RSAs available to purchase, the field will be marked "N/A".

  3. On the final screen, review the employee's securities. You may send an email from Pulley that provides instructions to the terminated employee on how to change their email and exercise their options on Pulley*. Click Terminate to finish.

*Your employees can only exercise their options on Pulley if you're on the Growth Plan or higher. To upgrade, click "Upgrade Plan" in the top navigation:

What happens after an employee is terminated?

  1. You/your company has until the "last date to repurchase" to buy back any remaining RSAs on the Securities Status page, under Drafts. We recommend you repurchase any RSAs, if possible.

  2. Your now ex-employee has until their "last date to exercise" to exercise any of their options.

    After the last day to exercise, if there are remaining options left that the stakeholder did not exercise, Pulley will automatically cancel the option grant.

    We automatically cancel option grants with 0 vested options immediately after terminating the employee on Pulley.

How do I undo a termination?

  1. Go to the Stakeholders page → click on the relevant stakeholder → click Actions dropdown → click Un-terminate Stakeholder

  2. For securities with Last date to exercise needing to be updated, reach out to our Intercom chat at the bottom of the page or support@pulley.com

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