Why Pulley?
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Part of the reason we started Pulley is because we had frustrations with other cap table management tools.

When using other services, we had to regularly ping our lawyers to make edits, run reports, or get data. Each time we involved the lawyers, it was an expensive legal fee. So, there is easily a $2,000 hidden fee when using tools that aren't self-serve for setting up and updating your cap table.

Pulley's approach is to save you money long term โ€“ if you need a feature, contact us. We can make the changes by hand for you in the short term so you don't pay your lawyers. Long term, we will build a feature for you to automate the task. This is part of our broader approach of over servicing you so you save money in the long term and we build a more scalable product that works for more companies.

I feel confident that we will be much more responsive to your needs than any competitor and save you money if you factor in the legal fees associated with servicing your cap table.

We're building a cap table product for founders that don't want to worry about their cap tables. When I was running my last startup, there was anxiety around fundraising and how much equity I was giving up, and Pulley makes managing your equity much easier.

If you have any questions, reach out to support@pulley.com

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