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Adding Stakeholders to Pulley
How do I invite all my stakeholders to Pulley?
How do I invite all my stakeholders to Pulley?

Give your stakeholders the transparency and flexibility they want

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This article is relevant to you if:

  • You want to invite your stakeholders to see their securities and investments.

  1. Go to the Stakeholders page on the left navigation.

  2. Select Draft Invites (the gray button next to 'Actions' in the top right).

  3. Check the stakeholders you want to invite to Pulley. You can see an example of what your stakeholder will see here.

    1. If you haven't added stakeholder emails yet, you can do so at this stage by selecting the gray Add Emails button in the top right.

  4. Select the green Invite Stakeholders button to send an email inviting your stakeholders to Pulley.

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