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What do I look for in a cap table provider?
What do I look for in a cap table provider?
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There are many cap table providers and it's hard to know what matters. Here are three guiding principles to help inform your decision:

Simple, but powerful

A cap table tool should be easier to use than a spreadsheet, but offer functionality that a spreadsheet can't. A great tool should not only be able to account for your equity, but also quickly and easily reflect more complex actions like stock splits or exercising options. If you find that you're spending more time on cap table management and administration than in the past, you're using the wrong tool.


A cap table tool should work with how you and your lawyers like to manage your equity. Every company, founder, and lawyer is different and your cap table tool should respect that distinction. Focus on how you want to manage your cap table, not how your cap table tool wants you to manage.


A cap table should operate in your ecosystem. Manually entering data across both cap table tools and HR systems is burdensome and unnecessary. Look for providers that are willing to integrate and scale with your software stack.

Why Pulley vs. the rest?

Pulley is thoughtfully designed with the above principles in mind. Our goal is for you and your lawyers to spend less time on Pulley and more time creating value. We are constantly working to push forward in each of these categories. Learn more here.

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