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Why should I want flexibility in a cap table tool?
Why should I want flexibility in a cap table tool?
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Flexibility saves you time, money, and perhaps most importantly, reduces anxiety.

Save Time

Flexible cap table tools save you time by not requiring you to fill in every irrelevant detail. There's a lot of data hiding behind your cap table. Most of it is helpful, but not necessary. If you find it useful to fill in every box and track every term, you should have that choice. On the flip side, if you can't afford to spend time on cap table management, you should be able to quickly and efficiently manage a bare minimum cap table.

Pulley offers the best of both worlds. Track every minute detail of your equity, or track only the essential elements.

Save Money

Lawyers bill by the hour. Software that makes it faster and easier for a lawyer to do his or her job reduces your fees. Every lawyer and client combo has a different process for how they like to manage cap tables.

Flexibility in cap table software means that lawyer's won't be stonewalled behind required information that they may not have and that every way of updating a cap table should be available.

Pulley doesn't require any information except the bare minimum required for a cap table and offers a number of ways to update a cap table, from a form to fill out to an in-app online spreadsheet.

Reduce Anxiety

Cap tables are not your area of expertise, nor should they be. But they also safeguard the most important data about your company: your equity. A flexible tool will be forgiving of mistakes and allow you to edit or undo any changes you make to the cap table.

Pulley allows you to edit any security or undo any transaction, from a cancellation or repurchase to a share transfer. Don't worry if you made a typo in data entry - you can always go back and revise.

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