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Sync with HR/Payroll Provider
Sync with HR/Payroll Provider

How to integrate your HR/Payroll provider with Pulley.

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To sync with the company's payroll provider, go to Company โ†’ scroll down to Connect with HR Services

Once you click Sync with HR/Payroll, which will direct you to a new page called "Finch Connect" where Pulley uses Finch to connect to your provider. This is a service provided by Finch.

Follow the next steps to add your HR/Payroll provider:

  1. Click "Continue" to allow Finch to integrate your HR/Payroll provider with Pulley.

  2. Click "Continue" again to allow Pulley to gain access to Directory, Individual

    Employment data

  3. Select your Payroll provider

  4. Sign in with your Payroll provider account

Once you've finished the integration, you'll be taken back to Pulley. To add stakeholder information, go to Stakeholders (left side nav) โ†’ Sync HRIS to start importing employees' details into the platform.

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