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What is a certificate ID and prefix?
What is a certificate ID and prefix?
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What is a certificate ID?

Prefixes and IDs are used to reference securities. They're a simple way to organize your cap table. They are not legally required but are useful for keeping your cap table organized.

What are the naming conventions?

Typically depends on the type of stock. These can be changed very easily and there’s no legal rule on what to name them.

Here's the convention for prefixes:

  1. SAFE for SAFEs

  2. OPT for Options

  3. WAR for Warrants

  4. RSA for RSA

  5. RSU for RSU

  6. CN for Convertible Note

  7. PI for Profit Interests

Share prefixes are dependent on the share class. Typically, you use CS for Common, PS1, PS2, PS3, etc. for each preferred share class.

IDs are incremental based on the issue date. The earliest issued SAFE gets an ID of 1, then next SAFE gets an ID of 2, etc.

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