How can I pay on Pulley?

Different payment methods we support

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Pulley processes payments for transactions including repurchases, exercising options, and more.

There are two ways to pay on Pulley:


Manual payments happen off Pulley. If manual payment is chosen, then the company and the stakeholder must coordinate a payment method offline (e.g., by check, payroll withholding, etc.). Once payment has been processed offline, the company will be asked to confirm receipt and finalize the transaction on Pulley.

ACH via Plaid and Stripe

Electronic payments happen on Pulley. If ACH payment is chosen, the sender must link their bank account on Pulley via Plaid and the recipient must link their bank account on Pulley via Stripe.

While the recipient links their bank account to accept payment, Pulley holds the payment information from the sender until both sides have added their bank information.

Once bank information has been entered, Pulley will send the transaction details to the bank. It typically takes 5-7 days for a bank to process the payment, but once complete, both the sender and recipient will see the transaction reflected on Pulley.

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