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Sample Term Sheet Language for Pulley VC Partners
Sample Term Sheet Language for Pulley VC Partners
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Pulley VC Firm Partners can use this Sample Term Sheet language in their Term Sheets to ensure all portfolio company investments use Pulley to issue all securities on Pulley.

Strong Form:

"Company will designate Pulley as its transfer agent and electronically issue on Pulley (1) all Common and Preferred shares, (2) all ISO and NSO Stock Options, and (3) all Common and Preferred Stock Warrants. This may require an electronic conversion of existing paper-based certificates and grants to Pulley. Additionally, the Company will provide the Current Investors access to the Company’s Capitalization Table managed and updated on Pulley per the Investor’s Information Rights Agreement."

Standard Form:

"Stock Issuance: Company will use Pulley to issue stock certificates and option grants electronically."

Weak Form:

“Shares will not be issued on paper but rather electronically through a cap table platform (e.g.”

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