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Adding Stakeholders to Pulley
How do I edit stakeholder information in Pulley?
How do I edit stakeholder information in Pulley?

How to add stakeholder emails in Pulley

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This article is relevant to you if:

  • You want to edit stakeholder information on Pulley. Note that stakeholder emails are required prior to inviting stakeholders to the platform.

  1. Go to Stakeholders in the left navigation under Essentials.

  2. Go to Actions (the green button in the top right) → Edit Stakeholders.

  3. Add or edit your stakeholder information here.

  4. Note that you can enter multiple relationships for a stakeholder (for eg: Board Member, Investor). If a relationship that you need is not present on Pulley, you can easily create a new relationship by typing it in the box.

  5. Remember to click Save Stakeholders in the top right!

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