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How do I record a convertible note?
How do I record a convertible note?

Record already issued convertible notes on Pulley.

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This article is relevant to you if:

  • You want to record convertible notes that have already be signed off Pulley.

  1. Hit + New β†’ Existing Contract.

2. Select Convertible Notes.

3. Fill out the details using the Form or Spreadsheet mode β†’ Save & Continue. The security will then appear as a draft in your Contracts.

Some things to make sure of when you are filling in those details:

  • The issue date;

  • Valuation cap;

  • Conversion discount;

  • Maturity dates;

  • Interest rate;

  • Accrual period and day count basis, and;

  • Add whether your convertible note is pre or post-money in advance terms.

4. After reviewing, hit Add to Cap Table.

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