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How do I insert vesting in Pulley?

Choosing between template, milestone and custom vesting.

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Pulley comes with pre-made vesting schedules, seen below by going to Company (left navigation) --> Vesting Schedules.

However, the occasion may arise where you need to put in a vesting schedule that doesn't already exist on Pulley. Pulley has a variety of different ways users can make vesting schedules to suit every iteration.

A quick comparison of when to use each vesting mode

Vesting Mode

When to use


  • When the relevant vesting schedule has either no cliffs or 1 cliff;

  • When the same amount or proportion of shares vests every period- whether that is monthly, quarterly, etc.


  • When you need to attach milestone vesting security, and wish to detail what those events that need to be satisfied are (e.g. 1000 shares are to be vested when the company is valued at 1 mil).


  • The vesting schedule has two cliffs or more;

  • The amount that vests per period is not consistent for the entirety of the vesting schedule (e.g. 50 shares may vest in month 1, then 70 shares in month 2, 3 shares in month 3, etc.)


What is it:

The most straightforward way to create a vesting schedule in Pulley. Simply fill in the form to create the desired vesting schedule.

See how to create template vesting schedules below.


What is it: Vesting that is contingent upon the satisfaction of specific events.

See how to create milestone vesting below (3:22 onwards).


What is it: The most flexible way to create a vesting schedule in Pulley. Gives you the most control possible when creating a vesting schedule

See how to create custom vesting below (from 0:00 to 3:22).

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