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How do I use the 83(b) Election status tracker?
How do I use the 83(b) Election status tracker?

Explanation on the 83(b) Election status tracker tool.

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The Pulley 83(b) tracker allows you to tell immediately who is missing their 83(b) elections. The tracker lists those securities that are missing an 83(b).

You can find it on the left navigation under Comply & Tax.

To change a security's 83(b) status from missing, simply upload the 83(b) election to Pulley in the dedicated section on the security (scroll to the very bottom of the relevant security). Once done so, that security will disappear from the tracker.

If your stakeholder needs to be reminded to send in their 83(b):

Press Notify Stakeholder.

The stakeholder will receive an email like this:

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