How do I use Drafts?

Explanation on Drafts in Pulley.

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The Pulley platform uses Drafts for multiple purposes listed below:

  • Save securities to be added to cap table on a later date

  • Review and Edit securities before submitting to the cap table

  • Securities are required to be saved here before processing a board approval

  1. Save Securities - When adding any securities on Pulley after filling out all the information, you are prompted to select Save & Continue. This will then save the securities to Drafts and will remain in drafts until deleted or added to the Cap Table (Locate drafts from screenshot below)

  2. Review and Edit - In section 2 of Drafts, both highlighted areas you can select to view the details of the securities and make changes if needed.

    1. Edit - Allows you to view multiple securities in spreadsheet mode and make edits in bulk.

    2. Certificate I.D. - allows you to view the security individually and make edits to a single security

  3. Board Approvals - In order to start a board approval flow on Pulley it is required to have the Option Grants already drafted in Pulley.

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