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How do I use Pulley's stockholder approval feature?
How do I use Pulley's stockholder approval feature?

Learn how to start a stockholder approval

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Select Stockholder Approvals on the left navigation bar under Essentials.

To set up the Stockholder Approval:

  1. Upload the Stockholder Approval Document:

    • Approval Title - Add a descriptive title of your stockholder approval.

    • Stockholder Approval - Upload the approval that you wish to be signed by stockholders.

  2. Add Record and Cutoff Dates:

    • Request Date - Add in the date when the stockholders are requested for approval.

    • Cutoff Date - Add in the last date the stockholder has to sign the approval. This date must be after the requested date.

  3. Select Stockholders to Sign the Approval

    • Select the box(es) on the left of the stockholder(s) name for stockholders that you would like to sign the approval, then select Request Signatures to send an email to invite the stockholders to sign.

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