To learn more about how to run seed rounds, read our guide here.

Congratulations on completing a seed round!! We understand completing a seed round is extensive work so here is some instructions on entering in your new preferred shares and converting your SAFEs / Convertible Notes into those preferred shares to help minimize your work load!

  • Add the new preferred share class(s) on the left navigation bar under EssentialsCap TableShare Classes → select Add a Share Class → fill out the information → at the bottom select Save & Continue

  • Add the new preferred shares on to the cap table by selecting +Add top left of page → Record AgreementShares → fill out the information → at the bottom select Save & Continue. System requires all preferred shares to be added into the cap table before converting SAFEs/Convertible Notes

  • Next, to convert your SAFEs or Convertible notes go to the left navigation bar under Essentials Cap Table → Select the SAFE or Convertible Note tab on the details view of the cap table. On the middle right of the screen select the gray Actions button → Convert Notes

    • Enter the closing date of the round > hit Confirm

    • On the Convert Note page → under each SAFE/ Convertible Note on the left side there is a tab called Convert to → select the drop down menu attached to each security and connect to the appropriate Preferred Share you previously entered. Once all are connected, select Convert Selected Notes. This would complete all steps needed to enter in for the seed round.

  • Attach all appropriate documentation in the Data Room located on the left navigation bar under Essentials → Company → Data Room

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