In order to turn on Stakeholder/Employee Portal, follow the steps below (or view the video above) to allow the view to appear for your stakeholders.

  1. On the left navigation, select People β†’ Portals.

  2. Select Edit on the right of the page.

  3. Fill in the required information:

    • Company Contact (optional) - stakeholders can email the company's direct contact for any question regarding their equity.

    • Select the toggle on the right of Show Share Price.

      1. Enter in the date and price of the shares at the time of the inputted date.
        For example, enter in the share price from 2021 and 2022. You may also include a reason for the different share prices. See below.

  4. Once you're done, select Save. You have now activated the Stakeholder/Employee Portal view for stakeholders so that they can visually see what their equity is worth based on company provided share prices.

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