In order to turn on stakeholder portal, follow the steps below (or view the video above) to allow the view to appear for your stakeholders.

  1. On the left navigation select StakeholdersStakeholder Portals.

  2. Select Edit on the right of the page.

  3. Fill in the required information:

    1. Company contact - allows the stakeholders to have an email of direct contact to the company if needed. Note, this field can be left blank.

    2. Select the toggle on the right of Show Equity Value.

    3. Enter in the Share prices and dates of the share prices. This would refer to the price per share of your company that have occurred in the past and current amount.

      1. For example: Enter in the FMV share price from the years 2020-2021 and from 2021-2022. You may also include a reason for the price change.

      2. This is required to manually set up to allow the company to control visibility of the current FMV on the companies discretion.

  4. Select Save, this will now have activated the stakeholder portal view for the user.

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