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How do I assign Reviewers to securities?
How do I assign Reviewers to securities?

What is assigning reviewers in Pulley, how does reviewers work?

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This article is helpful to you if:

  • You are a founder/cap table admin who wants legal members to review securities before adding to cap table

  • You are a legal member who wants founder to double check securities before sending them out

Securities must be added to Draft's page before proceeding. If no securities are added, refer to article on adding securities.

Note: This will NOT prevent securities from being added to the cap table. This is an optional process that will not hinder adding securities.

  1. Select on securities that need reviewing → select button Assign Reviewers

  2. Select on the drop down menu → choose which admin(s) to approve of the drafts → select Request Review.
    Only admins currently added to the cap table will appear on the dropdown menu

    ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

  3. Admins that have been requested to review will receive an email directing them to log on to Pulley and review the drafts. See email below:

  4. Reviewers will have a task available, they may select either the Certificate I.D (OPT-7 in this example) or the Review button.

    1. Selecting the Certificate I.D. will redirect to the securities individual details in the Drafts page

    2. Selecting Review will provide a detail overview and attachments of the security.

    3. Select Approve Draft

      ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

  5. Admin's will receive an email notifying that the drafted securities have been approved.

  6. Securities will now show Approvals as 1/1 (number of Reviewers who have approved out of the total amount of Reviewers assigned) have approved the security.

    1. If there are multiple reviewers, you will receive an email for each Reviewer that approves.

  7. Once security has been approve you can add them on to the cap table.

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