This article will be relevant to you if:

  • You're a company admin looking to provide signup instructions to an investor or employee

  • Or if you're an investor or employee wondering how to get access to your securities

  • Or if you were invited to view your securities in Pulley, but are having trouble getting access

There are several ways to get access to your securities and set up your Pulley portfolio. However, all of them will require the intervention of a company admin.

So, if you landed on this article as stakeholder not yet invited, the first step is for you to get in contact with the company and request access to your securities.

The signup process is the same for all stakeholders (employees, investors, founders, etc.), and is only slightly different depending on the context:

1. Receive email invite

The first step if for a company admin to trigger an invite email for the stakeholder. This can happen in one of several ways:

  • As part of the Pulley e-sign process, when issuing new securities on the platform.

  • By using the Draft Invites button on the stakeholders tab.

  • By clicking "Send email" button in the security details page of a specific grant:

In all the above cases, you will receive an email to Accept their securities (or Sign, if the agreement is being e-signed on Pulley). Accept under another email will allow you to use a different email than the one the company set up for your login:

2. Set up a password and username

Once you click Accept, you'll be prompted to set up a password and enter your full name:

Notice that the name will auto-fill with the one the company recorded, but it can be changed before proceeding if you would like to use a different one.

Similarly, if you already have a Pulley account or want to change the email address at this point, the green text below the Create Account button will allow you to do that.

3. Review and sign or accept your securities

Once the account is created, you will be taken to the security acceptance screen. If the security is to be e-signed in Pulley, you will be able to access the agreement document to review before stamping your e-signature:

That's it! After you accept the securities, you're all set. You'll be taken to the Portfolio view, where you can keep track of all your holdings.

If you run into any issues at any of these steps, please reach out to and we'll gladly help you out.

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