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How to override the preset token withholding rates for your stakeholders
How to override the preset token withholding rates for your stakeholders
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Before you're able to interact with token withholding rates, or any token-related functionality in Pulley, you will need to enable the Token Cap Table. You can reach out to Support using the Intercom on the bottom of your screen, and we'll be glad to enable the feature.

The Withholding Rates tab

After having enabled it, you will be able to access Withholding Rates, under Token Cap table in the left hand navigation:

This tab will show an overview of the withholding rates that apply to each stakeholder.

Initially, Pulley will auto-fill the Federal, FICA, and (based on the stakeholder's recorded address), State withholding rates.

The auto-filling of the rates will only work for US Employees, however, all three fields can be overridden if and when necessary.

Overriding the withholding rates preset by Pulley

From the Withholding Rates tab, you can use Edit Stakeholder Tax info to access the stakeholder data in spreadsheet form:

The withholding rates will be the last 3 columns to the far right. Any values you input here will override the default ones, and remain unchanged until you next edit them.

If you have any questions about the withholding rates, you can reach out to or the Intercom chat on the bottom of the page for quick assistance on the matter.

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