What are token drafts?
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When you create a security or convertible in Pulley, it 's initially saved as a draft to be reviewed before releasing it to the cap table.

The same is true for recording token securities on your token cap table. Drafted securities do not impact any Pulley calculations, such as fully diluted percent ownerships.

Where can I find my token drafts?

When you click Save & Continue during the process of recording a token security, it will immediately be saved as a draft. You can find all previous drafts in the tab of the same name on the left hand navigation, below Token Cap Table.

New Contract vs Existing Contract drafts

There are two views or sections you can switch between in the Drafts tab. If you select "I want to e-sign new contracts.", you will see drafted securities that are up for e-signature collection in Pulley.

On the other hand, "I want to record existing signed contracts." will show you securities that were previously signed off Pulley, to be recorded without any new signatures.

Review, edit, and complete your token security drafts

On the drafts page, you will see a list of all drafted securities, broken down by security type.

You can click the certificate ID on a security (e.g.: TK-3 in this screenshot) to open its detail page. From there, you can edit or delete the security using the Actions button:

Once you're ready to release the security, select it by clicking the corresponding checkbox and then click the Collect Signatures or Add to Cap table buttons (as appropriate when working with New or Existing contracts respectively).

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