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How do I use the Communications Hub?
How do I use the Communications Hub?

Walkthrough of the Communications Hub

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This article is relevant to you if:

  • You're wanting to send updates to Investors / Employees / Other.

  • You're wanting to send updates to potential investors / external contacts.

The communications hub allows you to easily message investors, employees, and all the stakeholders on your cap table in one place. Your team can send investor updates, track open rates, and redact access - making it easy to keep investors up to date with the latest at your company.

Here is a 10 minute walkthrough of all the functionalities of the Communications Hub and below the video is a step by step text walkthrough.

  1. After selecting the Communications Hub tab on the left navigation bar, select Add New Update to begin a new update.

  2. Start with the "Title" of the page at the very top, this will be the name of the updates and what is sent out to users via email.

  3. By using the "/" command, hit enter to have a blank line and type "/". This will provide a list of formatting functionalities the tool supports, see the list below:

    1. Heading 1/2/3

    2. Horizontal Rule


    4. Check List / Unordered List / Ordered List

    5. Table

    6. Image - This loads any image you drop into the page

    7. Youtube - Paste a youtube link here

  4. Once your document has been created and finished, at the bottom you have an Attachments section you can select Choose File to provide any documents you wish to be included in this update. All users that can view this update will be able to see and download the provided attachments.

  5. Select Add Recipients at the bottom of the page, you can then select which individuals you wish to invite by selecting the check boxes on the left of the names. You can invite existing stakeholders, send to new stakeholders or send to External contacts who are not on the cap table.

  6. Two toggles are available on this page:

    1. Notify Recipients via email - Once published this will send out an email to the user. This highlighted portion will allow you to change the name of the sender in the email and to preview what the email will look like.

    2. Require login to view update - Users must log into Pulley and on be invited may view this update

  7. Select Review and Publish to double check the update and invites are correct.

  8. Select Publish Update then confirm you wish to Publish

  9. This will bring you to the last page where you may go back and edit your update by selecting the edit button next to the title "Q4 Update" in this example. On the top right of the screenshot you will see 3 dots you can select to either unpublish or delete the update.

  10. Below the title is where you can edit the recipients:

    1. You may add new recipients

    2. Revoke access or resend notifications

    3. Check who has received an invite / viewed the update.

  11. At the bottom of the page you will have 2 more toggles:

    1. Require login - this is the same toggle from previous, require users to log in to Pulley to view

    2. Publish to the web - this will provide a shareable link you may provide to anyone and they will be able to view the update you created.

  12. You're done. Congratulations on now becoming an expert on the Communications Tool!

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