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How to merge duplicate stakeholders in Pulley
How to merge duplicate stakeholders in Pulley
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This article will be helpful if you found a duplicated stakeholder on your cap table and you want to remove one of them without deleting any of the securities either holds.

Merging two stakeholders will allow you to:

  • Remove the duplicate entry from your cap table

  • Choose which of the entries will remain

  • Move all the securities under each entry to the single remaining one

1. Navigate to 'Stakeholders'

You can find the 'stakeholders' tab in the left hand navigation bar, below 'cap table'. From here you can perform all stakeholder-related actions, such as merging duplicates.

You can use the search bar to quickly visualize the duplicated entries.

2. Expand the stakeholder details for one of the duplicates

Once you've located the stakeholder of interest, you can click on their name to expand their 'details' page.

At this point it doesn't matter which of the entries you are clicking into, since you are able to select which of them stays regardless of the ones you start with.

3. Select the 'Merge' Action:

Once on the details page, use the Actions button to apply the 'merge':

You will then be requested to specify which stakeholder this one is being merged with, and which of the two should remain as the final one.

When selecting the entry to remain on the cap table, bear in mind only that entry's data will remain. So, as a general best practice, you should pick the one with the most information added in Pulley:

To complete the action, you would click 'review', and then 'confirm'. At this point the entry not chosen to keep will be deleted permanently and all their securities will be moved to the new one.

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