This article is relevant to you if:

  • You want to record phantom stock that have already been signed off of Pulley.

  • You want to record phantom stock that comes from a phantom stock plan.


  • Phantom stocks will require a Phantom Stock Plan, click here to learn how to set up a Phantom Stock Plan

  1. Hit +NewAdd signed agreements to cap table (Existing Contract).

2. Select Shares.

3. Fill out the details using the Form or Spreadsheet mode → Save & Continue. The security will then appear in your Contracts.

Some things to make sure of when you are filling in those details:

  • That the Certificate prefix you fill in matches the prefix for the share class;

  • That the par value for the corresponding share class is added to each security;

  • Add in the price/ share if you have that information

If relevant, add in the following also:

  • Vesting;

  • Acceleration;

  • Legends.

4. After reviewing, hit Add to Cap Table.

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