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Adding subsidiary companies as stakeholders on Pulley.
Adding subsidiary companies as stakeholders on Pulley.

Pulley supports adding companies as subsidiary stakeholders if they exist as a company on Pulley

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This article is relevant to you if:

  • Your company has stakeholders that are a subsidiary and also have their cap table on Pulley and you wish to track them on the parent cap table.


  • The subsidiary companies need to be existing accounts on Pulley

  • You would need to be an administrator on both the Parent and Subsidiary accounts

  1. Navigate to Stakeholders hit Actions Add Stakeholder

2. Select the type of stakeholder in this case Institution select Yes for the institution being a company on Pulley → then select the subsidiary company from the drop down → finally Hit Add Stakeholder. You can select No if the institution is not on the Pulley platform and skip step 3.

3. This feature can support multiple layers of nested companies. So in this guide, we have defined that Umbrella Corp is the parent company, with a subsidiary company called Subsidiary 1. To add a subsidiary of Subsidiary 1 we would simply repeat the process but by adding the stakeholder when we are viewing Subsidiary 1's account.

Navigate to Subsidiary 1 on the top right:

4. Once you are there → repeat the steps 1 and 2 to add the next layer of subsidiaries for Subsidiary 1.

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