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How to Customize Your Stock Certificates
How to Customize Your Stock Certificates

Change the look of your stock certificates and add custom terms.

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This article will guide you on how you can change the appearance of the Stock Certificates to include your company's branding & colors, custom terms and description and certificate legend text.

1. Branding - Navigate to Company > Add Customization

2. Edit your company branding - (1) Attach a square Logo and your (2) Full company logo then select your (3) Company colors

3. The Preview box will display how all certificates associated with your company will be displayed. (this change will update all previous certificates issued via Pulley).

4. If your stock certificates require custom terms or legends, you can add them by going to Certificates > Terms or Legends.

Terms will change the text that is displayed on the first page of the stock certificate. Once on the Terms page > choose to Add New Terms OR click on '...' to Edit an existing term text

Custom Terms are applied across all shares in a single Share Class. To apply the new Terms > hit Cap Table > Share Classes > select the affected Share Class > hit Actions > Edit

Under section 3., select the newly added Terms > Save

All stock certificates issued under the share class will have the new Terms

5. Custom Legends will modify the text displayed on the back or second page of the stock certificate

Add New Legend or hit '...' to Edit an existing Legend text

Similar to Terms, fill in the information and Add Legend

6. Select the right Legends for your shares - when viewing the security hit Actions > Edit > select the appropriate Legend > Update.

Before and After selecting the new Legend text.

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