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How do I record Token Transactions on Pulley?
How do I record Token Transactions on Pulley?

Instructions to record transferred token transactions and distribution amounts

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To record distributions or token transactions for Token type, you must first go through the pulley flow of recording a new token then scroll down to Section 3, please ensure that both "Distribute on Pulley" and "Past Crypto Transactions" are enabled. This will account for all previous distributions that occurred prior to your involvement with Pulley and display new vesting events on the "Token Transactions" page. These fields are accessible in spreadsheet mode, should you prefer to enter tokens in bulk.

To record a previous token that has cancelled or was terminated and your company needs to specify a specific amount rather than full amount of tokens. Turn off the "Past Crypto Transactions" toggle and you can enter in a specific amount that was transferred. Please note that if "Past Crypto Transactions" is off, no future vesting events will appear on the "Token Transaction" page.

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