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How do I add a Settlement/Distribution Schedule?
How do I add a Settlement/Distribution Schedule?

Instructions of the Settlement Schedule in Pulley

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The Settlement Schedule page would be used for when tokens settlements have been reached based on the months selected in the schedule. This can also be referred to as the Distribution Schedule, the date of which the company sends the tokens.

First, you must locate the Settlement Schedule page which is located under the Company tab.

This will provide you the list of all existing Settlement Schedules the company is using and where you may add a new schedule by selecting the +Add button

Start by naming the schedule or if you entire company uses the same settlement schedule you can default it to "Settlement Schedule" or "Distribution Schedule". The name does not affect the distributions so you may name it to best organize for yourself.

Once you have began adding the Settlement Schedule, Select "Months". This will provide you with a dropdown menu (image-2where you may select all the months your company distributes the tokens to the tokenholders.

Next, select "Day of Month", this will refer to the specific date of the month when all transactions are due for distribution.

Once the Months and Date have been selected, you may now save! This Settlement schedule would then be available to all tokens on the platform, to enable this schedule for the token you must specifically add or edit a token and enter the schedule under "Distribution Schedule".

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