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Statuses on the Exercise Requests Page
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Below is an example of the exercise requests page:

The items on this list represents all of the ongoing electronic exercise requests being processed through Pulley, meaning that they were triggered by the Optionees through Pulley.

Explanation of the different Statuses:



Available Actions

Not Submitted

The stakeholder has initiated the exercise on their dashboard, but has not submitted the request for approval.


Needs Review

The stakeholder has confirmed the details and submitted the exercise notice.

Review the exercise notice, Approve or Reject the exercise request

Exercise Payment In Progress

The exercise has been approved and the payment is in transit

If the optionee has selected manual payment off Pulley, the Company Exercise Approver will need to mark the exercise as 'Paid' otherwise, the electronic payment will be handled automatically and no further action is required.

Exercised To '_'

The exercise has been approved and the transaction is fully complete



The exercise request has been cancelled by the optionee OR it was rejected by the company exercise approver.


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