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Clerky Integration

Learn how to connect your Clerky account to Pulley

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Follow the steps below to create your Pulley account through Clerky:

  1. Go to the Integrations page for your startup's team on Clerky.

    • πŸ’‘ Alternatively, you can access Pulley through the Perks or Capitalization Table page.

  2. Navigate to the Pulley integration and click Install.

  3. Complete the payment screen.

  4. Connect and onboard your Clerky account by selecting the Link Your Clerky Account button.

5. Upload your Certificate of Incorporation and any documents you want added to Pulley.

6. Select Submit for Review at the bottom.

That's it! Pulley takes care of the rest and will notify you once our team has finished syncing your data and setting up your cap table.

Will Clerky sync continuously with my Pulley account?

Yes! Now that you've linked your Clerky account, Pulley will bring over securities and SAFEs that have been issued on your Clerky account into your Pulley Drafts area.

If you have documents in Clerky already, please note that the integration will not sync documents over to Pulley. You will need to upload these documents to the account.

What if I already have a Pulley and a Clerky account?

You can sync your Clerky account after the fact by navigating to "Company" and pressing Link Your Clerky Account.

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