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I am a YC Startup. How should I onboard using Clerky?
I am a YC Startup. How should I onboard using Clerky?

Follow this article to onboard using our Clerky sync if you already have access to YC pricing.

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Do not onboard using Clerky by going to your Clerky account and onboarding from within Clerky. Rather, integrate with Clerky by accessing Clerky within Pulley. This ensures you do not erroneously create a second account.

1. Upload any documents you wish to submit to Pulley on the dashboard.

The Clerky sync will bring over your information from Clerky, but not the documents. Ensure you add your Certificate of Incorporation and any other desired documents to store on Pulley. You can upload any document to "Cap Table" since your cap table will be brought over by the sync.

2. Press "Submit for Review".

3. Navigate to Company and click Link your Clerky Account.

Follow the steps to sync your account.

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4. Sit back while the onboarding team complete the sync and your cap table ๐Ÿ๏ธ

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