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Welcome to PulleyU! - Enroll Today
Welcome to PulleyU! - Enroll Today

Looking for live, instructor led training? You've come to the right place!

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Pulley is pleased to announce our newest service upgrade to all customers, PulleyU!

PulleyU is a collection of live, instructor led trainings on Pulley's core functionality to help you and your team. Each course is intended to host a small number of students, where you can expect:

  • A core overview of the functionality from a Pulley expert

  • Hear best practices and industry leading tips to set your company apart

  • Ask questions or workshop specific scenarios for your company

We can't wait to see you soon! Use the class registration links below to enroll for each class relevant to your goals and availability.






Hiring 101

  • Offer letters

  • Equity Grants (Options / RSAs)

  • Exercise Requests

  • Employee Portal

45 min


Hiring 201

  • Custom documents

  • Board approvals

  • Stakeholder exercise workflows

30 min


Cap Table 101

  • Navigating the cap table

  • Core administrative functionality of cap table management

  • Exporting and reporting

30 min


Cap Table 201

  • Repurchases

  • Transfers

  • Repricing

  • Amending ESOPs

60 min


Fundraising 101

  • SAFE workflows

60 min


Valuations 101

  • 409A valuations with Pulley

  • Recording a 409A generated outside of Pulley

30 min


Stakeholder 101

  • External contact management

  • Communications Hub

  • Data Rooms

  • Inviting stakeholders to Pulley

45 min


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