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How do I model fundraising on Pulley?
How do I model fundraising on Pulley?

Instructions on how to use fundraising modeling tool.

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View this interactive demo to learn how to use the modeling feature:

Pulley allows you to model the impacts of pre and post-money SAFEs/Convertible Notes, and series A fundraising on your dilution.

The Pulley Fundraising Modeler currently supports the following:

  • Equity Plan Dilution and amounts needed to authorize to reach the percentage goal for the option pool to achieve

  • Shares dilution for the Series A round + additional pro rata for shareholders if applied

  • The impacts of pre and post-money SAFEs / Convertible Notes - conversions price per share and pro rata rights

  • Funding Round shares issued, price per share for the equity round, and ownership percentage the new round would hold

  • All ownership percentages shown on each step of the Funding Round.

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